Gypsy Sofia

Hereditary Gypsy-Witch, Meditation Master, Flamenco expert and fortune-teller


Faith prediction by lines of palm

Our hands can tell a lot of things about us, including our past, present and future. But only few people in the world have skills and knowledge to read this information. I'm one of them.


Flamenco theory and practice

Flamenco is an old dance which combines best traditions of gypsy, arabic and jewish cultures. I'm trying to keep those traditions and I would be happy to share a bit of my knowledge.


Meditation secrets and techniques

It is well known that meditation can help us to reach modified state of mind which is something between inspiration and pacification. And I can share some of traditional gypsy secrets.


During many years I am trying to help people by teaching them meditation techniques, predicting their future, giving flamenco lessons and offering services of hereditary gypsy-witch.

Cheruberesca is the oldest magic in this world. And only I know the secrets!

- Sofia The Gypsy